Project Showcase - Woodhull Warehouse, Springboro Ohio

The summer of 2020 was marked by outstanding weather conditions with below-average precipitation and moderate to high temperatures. The favorable construction conditions reflected on the progress of many of our projects. We would like to give you some insight into one project, in particular, one of the highlights of this summer, the new construction of a 12,000 square foot warehouse for Woodhull Inc., in Springboro, Ohio. The new warehouse is the latest addition to an existing campus.

As a general contractor, Wilcon managed the project from site work to interior finishes, whereas Wilcon self-performed a significant portion of the work. The project kick-off was early in the summer and the work was completed after a stunning 4 months of construction. 

Optimizing the site

The project kicked off early summer with the necessary site preparations and the development of the building pad. Before starting any excavating activities the site topography was assessed and the ideal building pad elevation was established optimizing the cut and fill balance and the flow of underground utilities. The optimized building pad elevation was crucial and resulted in an accelerated construction schedule and an overall improvement of the site conditions. A necessary step in the delivery of a successful construction project.

Pre-engineered Metal Building

The new warehouse was designed with a pre-engineered metal building (PEMB) in mind. Metal buildings have several advantages for many different applications. PEMB’s are an economic alternative to traditional steel construction, as a result of detailed engineering significant weight reductions are achieved in the total weight of the building structure. Weight reductions lead to a lower cost of the steel building package and generally require more efficient foundations due to the reduced loads that are being transferred to the foundation compared to the traditional alternative. In addition to more efficient use of material resources, the assembly of a PEMB requires fewer man-hours than traditional steel. Building erection is faster due to the primary usage of bolted connections between the various building elements.

For this specific project, the building was delivered by Star Building Systems, a longtime partner of Wilcon. The building consists of the single-slope PEMB structure with an eave height 16’-8” on the lower side of the building. The exterior of the building was faced with PBR-wall panels, which is a wall panel with exposed fasteners. The roof is designed with double-lock roof panels. These panels are installed on top of the purlins and seamed together creating a watertight standing seam roof. The interior of the building is finished with an 8’ high liner panel, giving the interior of the warehouse a clean look.  

Wilcon has years of experience erecting pre-engineered metal buildings, using our own crews to get the job done. Are you looking at expanding or building a new facility, contact us at When you are building with Wilcon, you are building with confidence.

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