Design-Build Construction

Providing Turn-Key Building Solutions

To deliver optimal building solutions Wilcon has adopted a variety of project delivery methods to best suit the characteristics of your project. Early involvement and collaboration across disciplines are key drivers to a successful project execution.

Turn-key delivery models have proven to result in earlier completion and higher quality. In our role as a CM/GC, we take charge of the schedule, cost, and quality to deliver the best possible building solutions for the most complex assignments.

Selecting a project delivery method is not a matter of personal preference, but determined by project-specific criteria. Below we highlight two examples of delivery methods and their characteristics. Both methods have a few distinct differences, but practically a range or intermediate model can be developed, grasping the best of both worlds for the purpose of the project.

Construction Manager-at-Risk (CMAR)

In a Construction Manager-at-Risk or CMAR setting we work alongside the design team and manage the budget, schedule, quality, and construction of the project. This project delivery method has the advantage to fast-track the project, provide the contractors perspective early in the process.

Compared to the traditional design-bid-build process the risk of significant cost escalations is minimized. Cost increases are limited to owner-initiated scope amendments or changes arising from the owner-contracted designers.

Design-Build Delivery

In the Design-Build approach is a so-called single contract model, whereas Wilcon takes on the design responsibility in addition to the responsibilities as described in the CMAR model.