Our Vision

People are our most valuable asset. Wilcon is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, subcontractors and customers. Everyone should go home incident and injury free. Health and safety is considered an integral part of quality control, cost reduction and job efficiency. We will achieve a safe work site through planning, training, and communication. 

We Build

We build strong relationships and lasting partnerships with our clients, supplier, vendor, employees, and everyone that has a part in making a project become a success. Our projects rely on strong teams that collaborate in harmony and work together in achieving a common goal.

We Work

We have a passion for what we do. We are builders with a purpose. For every project that we do We put our client’s interest first and we are committed to meeting their requirements every single day. We are here for the clients we serve 24/7.

We Grow

To serve our purpose in a better way and to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow, we need to grow ourselves, our people and our business. We grow our people by learning, teaching and doing. Every day we create new insight and develop better ways of doing what we do. We learn from what we did today to do it better tomorrow.

Our Safety Promise

It is the policy of Wilcon Corporation to provide a safe and healthy worksite environment for our employees and to establish a cooperative attitude with management, employees, and customers. Our pledge to each employee is to structure the worksite to be as safe as possible and to communicate potential safety and health hazards, as well as training and other measures that minimize the possibility of accidents, injury, or illness on the job.

45 Years of Dedication

We have been a part of the Winsupply family for over 5 years, and have been helping our community build for over 45 years. We have continued our original mission of providing support and resources to aspiring entrepreneurs by creating buildings that help bring their creative visions to life.