Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

What is a pre-engineered metal building?

A pre-engineered metal building is a custom-engineered steel solution that optimizes and integrates steel framing, roofing and walls. Because of a variety of reasons pre-engineered metal buildings have become the most used low-rise building solution in the United States.

Outstanding Design Flexibility

Many clients discover that metal buildings are a functional and attractive solution with endless possibilities. Metal buildings are capable of reaching a high level of customization. When combined with conventional building materials, a metal building can result in stunning designs with great functionality.

Design-Build Construction

The timeframe from concept to completion of a metal building structure is at least 30% faster than conventional construction. This is the result of having the manufacturer involved in the project from the initial stages of the project. Integrating design and construction is a big winner in delivering buildings in a timely fashion.

The erection time for a metal building is also significantly less than with conventional construction. As all building components are pre-fabricated, cut to size, and pre-drilled in the factory building erection is a breeze. It involves fewer labor hours and less waste.

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