The Dayton Tree of Lights – A perfect day to get ready for the Holidays

Today was a gorgeous day in the Miami Valley and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to start preparing work on what will be an incredible display of lights at Carillon Historical Park during the holiday season.

The iconic Dayton Tree of Lights has been installed along the Miami Valley River by Wilcon Corporation and Active Electric for five years now. Every year we allow extra time to install it on top of Deeds Carillon due to potentially tricky weather conditions, which seemed to be favorable to us this year. Our preparation usually starts late October at our shop with inspections, maintenance, and touch-ups that will prepare us ahead of erecting this beautiful structure. Our crew has mastered the erection over the years due to tweaks that have been made every year since its inception.

At 8 am this morning, the crane arrived and was set up to be ready for putting the main structure in place. After they finished laying out all parts and the final safety instructions from their supervisors; 2 men climbed onto Deeds Carillon Tower while another group stayed on the ground to guide the structural wires that keep the tower in place during the worst conditions.

At 10 am, everyone was ready to start lifting and securing the tower. Within less than an hour, they had it 100% secured! Five years of experience paid off and resulted in a well-coordinated operation as these guys demonstrated here today…

Wilcon Corporation is one of the most experienced general contractors in the region. Wilcon has been part of many landmark projects in the Dayton region. With an experienced team of professionals, we are able to provide tailored solutions for any commercial construction needs with our design-build philosophy that’s rooted in creativity as well as experience!